Project Promise


One of humankind’s greatest challenges this century and beyond will be to ensure sustainable, and just and balanced development. The needs of current and future generations of global citizens cannot be met unless there is respect for natural systems and international standards protecting core social and environmental values. In this context, the management team of The Toney Watkins Company recognizes that the role of our business is critical.

As a part of a global society, it is in our best interest to contribute to addressing common problems for the communities that reside within close proximity to any of our destination resorts. We firmly believe that our business can only flourish when those communities and ecosystems in which we operate are healthy.

Our intent is to become a good corporate neighbor in the community that we develop each of our destination resorts. As part of our Economic, Social, and Governance program, we have also created a humanitarian-based project called “Project Promise” which at its, core is designed to bring about better housing, healthcare and education facilities to those local residents within close proximity of any of our destination resorts.

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